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Earlier in the year we celebrated the return of the Picture Gallery after building works by turning a few of the paintings round and celebrating our collection once again. It generated a lot of interest and was a really unique and intriguing way for visitors to understand the collection. Here are a few of the highlights:

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The backs of our paintings on display in our Picture Gallery

The backs of our paintings on display in our Picture Gallery

We left a few paintings turned as the exhibition was a unique opportunity to see the back of the paintings, but now they are on the wall again.


The Tired Traveler

It is nice to see the room back to how it was in the original 1930s hang when Lord Bearsted acquired the collection, and take a look once again at the detail of the paintings.



The Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery

We can once again see The Tired Traveller, and the detail of the painting by Jan Steen.

Steen 3 IMG_3829

The beautifully painted rose on the table symbolises the short lived nature of physical beauty and, as our guide book so quaintly puts it “hints at lascivious thoughts”. The maid’s rather saucy way of handing the man his glass shows that she too is not averse to a little flirtation. We are left wondering whether the man will succeed in getting his wicked way with the maid.


Will you be visiting to see the collection again soon?