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Embrace the great outdoors and begin your journey on 50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾ at Upton House and Gardens! Roll down a really big hill, eat an apple straight from the tree, create some wild art, plant it, grow it, eat it and hunt for fossils and bones.

All these challenges are available to do at Upton and each one completed ensures a sticker in your free activity book!


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Why not begin the challenge by dropping into our 50 Things workshops every Thursday! Delve into the world of mini beasts, wild creations and plant it, grow it, eat it activities, where you can interact with nature to make great masterpieces and craft creations!


As to our other fun adventures around Upton, go and explore the woodland trail where you’ll meet Upton’s animals- Rags, Ricky, Pog, Billy, Lady and Holly. They all play in Upton’s wood, so be sure to look out for them! Why not play a game of hide and seek while you’re in there and remember to take a look at the den.

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What about the gardens? In walking around the gardens there are various games to discover on the sunken lawn, such as bats and balls, footballs and croquet on the lawn! You can also pick up a tracker pack from Visitor Reception and play our 1930s House Party game whilst you are here.


One of our newly installed activities is Geocaching, a fantastic system which allows the explorer to search for hidden items using coordinates and a GPS tracking system. It is a great way for all ages to enjoy the treasures of the countryside and we have a geocaching walk available from Upton, ask at Visitor Reception when you arrive for more information.


Inside the house you can dress up in our Maid’s room, find the treasure boxes hidden around the house or see if you can find all the shells hidden around the rooms.


So, what fun will you get up to over the summer at Upton House and Gardens?