As the seasons change, different birds can be heard around the site and in the gardens at Upton. Last we had 48 confirmed species at Upton, but we think there are many more!

When you arrive for your visit, look at the information in Reception to see the latest sightings.

Our suggestions for the top 5 places are:

1. The rookery at the top of the drive is full of rooks. They are very noisy – you will hear them before you see them!


2. Walking across the top of the drive and down through the Woodland Walk, chiffchaffs and blackcap, the northern nightingale, can be heard. A lovely sound on a peaceful morning.


3. The orchard can be full of birdsong on quiet mornings. This is a good place to spot woodpeckers feeding on the ant hills. Can you hear their characteristic ‘drumming’ coming from the woods?

Green woodpecker

4. There are five wonderful Cedars of Lebanon situated on the side of the south lawn. The trees were planted around 1740. Here, the ravens can be seen and heard.


5. Take a walk down to the Mirror Pool. Can you spot a house martin or a swallow? Last year, we even saw a spotted flycatcher nearby!

House Martin

What will you see and hear?

Don’t forget that this is number 44 of the National Trust ‘50 Things’ to tick off your list.


With thanks to North East wildlife for letting us publish these photos.