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One thing I noticed when I first came to Upton was how many doors there are – heading in all directions! I have since been through all of them and now know where I am going! We receive many questions from visitors asking what is behind particular doors. Now might be a great time to try and show you…


We have opened up as much of the House as possible but with an archive, offices, store rooms and much more, space is in short supply. Many of these rooms still have a lovely 1930s charm with original features and we want to show them off. So, during June, we will be searching all over the house for doors that are closed – ones that we walk past every day – and giving you a sneak peek behind them!


A closed door in our Old Kitchen

A closed door in our Old Kitchen

If you visit during June, you will see this sign:



If you take a picture of the symbol and send it to us via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we will reply with a picture of the room and an explanation of what it was once used for.


We hope you enjoy the chance to discover more about a busy Upton in the 1930s.