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Touching on the growing issues of the amount of screen time we see in 2014. What is the future? What do you think?

If you think screen time is a problem or not, we believe Upton offers an escape. A great place to get closer to nature, enjoy some family time, time to relax, a place to play, however you chose to use our gardens and woodland. Next time you are wondering what to do, pop on some wellington boots, and head down to your nearest National Trust place to visit and see what fun you can have without a screen!

National Trust Places

Bethany is a National Trust intern working within the Wild Network, a gathering of organisations and individuals all united in reconnecting children with nature. Still studying for a BA Hons in Journalism at the university of Lincoln, in her free time Beth enjoys travelling home and going for long walks in the countryside with her family and cat, Toby, who loves being on his lead.

The Wild Network has established a set of boundaries, all to blame for the nations children’s disconnection from nature. The most ‘blamed’ boundary of all is ‘screentime’ but in this blog I tackle whether it’s really that much of an issue.

An American study published today has shown ‘traditional TV consumption’ in the US has risen ‘ever so slightly’ when 2013 figures were compared to those from the previous year.

‘Traditional TV consumption,’ is just one element of what we like to call ‘screen- time

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