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Who are you and why do you like Upton House and Gardens?

My name is Gloria. I work in the shop and plant centre here at Upton. My favourite thing about Upton is definitely the warmth and friendliness that Upton offers every time I’m here! There is something rather lovely about walking down the driveway towards the house in the peace and tranquility that Upton offers.

The calmness of Upton House and Gardens...

The calmness of Upton House and Gardens…

What is your role here?

All sorts! I can be found in the shop. I fill up the sweets, water the plants in the plant centre, restock the shelves, serve the customers, talk to people about what they might be looking for and help out wherever I am needed!

Gloria stocking up our pick and mix!

Gloria stocking up our pick and mix

What have you particularly enjoyed?

I really enjoy opening new boxes when we have our shop delivery. What might we have next? Recently we have had so many lovely scarves in, but I love every one more and more and normally end up buying a new one! Another recent joy was being able to stock some postcards from the Shell exhibition in the House which is something visitors are always after.

Some bright new scarves in our shop

Some bright new scarves in our shop

What are you looking forward to next?

I can’t wait for the summer season! We have lots of new lines, stock going out, people with happy faces buying ice cream and games to play in the sunshine.