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As we re-launched our Picture Gallery, it really put the focus back onto our amazing collection and demonstrated the need to conserve some of our paintings to ensure they last for future generations to appreciate.

Bruegel’s Massacre of the Innocents has needed conservation work since 1988, and in recent times has deteriorated. Remedial conservation work has been conducted to stabilise the painting – this has left it looking very sorry for itself!

Our painting with tissue paper on

Our painting with tissue paper on

Previously we have hesitated about sending the picture for conservation as we are unsure as to what really lies underneath. Now the chance has come up to have it compared with other works by Bruegel. These investigations will help us to identify our mysteries and, therefore, we will be able to conserve the painting. Only one small obstacle lies in our way – raising £15,000! To read more about the work that will be carried out to the painting and to donate online, visit our Just Giving page.

Something that fascinates visitors most is comparing the painting we have to the one in the Queen’s collection Take a listen to Brenda talking about the painting here.



With so many stories held in the painting, we are determined to raise the £15,000 to save the picture and find out what really lies underneath. We will be sure to keep you up to date with our findings!