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Opening the Picture Gallery again with paintings…….turned around? Time to find out more…  We are reopening the Picture Gallery after a year of having it closed. We could have opened it looking exactly as it was, with the pictures hung in the usual way, but would that really celebrate the work we have had done on the roof light and the future plans we have for the collection? Most definitely not! So, we thought, let’s do something different.

The backs of our paintings on display in our Picture Gallery

The backs of our paintings on display in our Picture Gallery

As we moved the paintings to put them in a new exhibition space during the building works we realised that some of the backs are incredibly interesting. There are things that visitors never see. We decided to turn some of the paintings round for people to get the chance to see the back and explore the collection in a different way. But what would happen once we turned the paintings round? What are we then looking at and celebrating? We are celebrating the future of art at Upton House and Gardens, the future of our fabulous collection, and building relationships with the Arts world. What do we call the launch of the gallery? BACKS TO THE FUTURE.

Glenn Brown exhibition in our Squash Court

Look out for Contemporary Art exhibitions in our Squash Court Gallery

The project has got off to an amazing start. It has been great to invite people to help us achieve our future goals. The heart of the project is about raising money for the conservation work on our collection. The important work to conserve our paintings is very costly. One of our Bruegel’s has needed conservation work since 1988, and in recent circumstances the painting has deteriorated. A unique opportunity has come up to have our Bruegel compared to three others. This would provide us with an opportunity to find out more about the painting. It is our aim to protect the painting, carry out the research, and have it conserved – with only the small challenge of raising £15,000!

Bruegel's Massacre of the Innocence

Bruegel’s Massacre of the Innocence

To find out more about the painting and its international importance, read more and donate here.

As we launch Backs to the Future, follow the blog to find out more about our plans in the Picture Gallery and art at Upton House.