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Swop Valentine’s day cards for some wild time, what’s your favourite way to get outdoors?

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Ruben tree hug - c Ashley Jones

We’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day by asking people to say what it is they love about ‘wild time’.

Wild time is time spent outdoors. It could be the half an hour you spend walking the dog in a local park – or a two day hike in a national park. Why do you love the outdoors?

This Valentine’s Day we want to collect your wild time stories. Take your phone outdoors and record a short video message telling the world why you love being out in nature. Email us the results or share them on Twitter and Facebook, tagging them with the hashtag #wildtime.

The National Trust is part of a major campaign to get children back to nature. Supported by a growing movement of over a thousand organisations and thousands of individuals, Project Wild Thing is a fresh way to reconnect kids with the outdoors. We’re asking families…

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