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This year we wanted to grow the festivities around the property and this week we have been working behind closed doors to launch our 1930s Christmas at Upton! It has been a huge team effort but will hopefully be enjoyed by many over the next few weekends, making visits extra special for people.

Our main focus has been decorating the House and this year we have used our oral history stories to develop how Christmas would have been when Lord and Lady Bearsted lived here in the 1930s. Although the family were Jewish, they still celebrated Christmas for the workers and their families, as well as the guests they entertained at Upton. If you visit over the next few weeks you will find under every tree a parcel with a gift tag on, and each contains a quotation from people who remember Christmas at Upton in the 1930s. We won’t give the secrets away; you will have to visit to discover more!


The Long Gallery present…

We have also been busy decorating the shop and Reception. The garden team have been busy helping us bring in a 20ft Christmas tree and getting it to stay upright, a bigger challenge than we remembered from last year!


Trying to get the tree straight…

So now we have it all decorated, what is next? Well this weekend (30th November and 1st December) there is a Christmas Market, with stalls full of Christmas gift inspiration. Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in December you can also come and enjoy mulled wine and mince pies in the Restaurant, pick up some Christmas shopping in the shop or enjoy carol singers in the Long Gallery. As well as the seven trees in the House, we also decorated an eighth tree to go in Father Christmas’s workshop! Father Christmas will be here every weekend until Christmas, so if you want a visit to be made extra special then do come and join us…


The lovely wreath on our Front Door…

Finally, with only two days to go until 1st December, have you got your advent calendar yet? Not to worry if not, we will be doing an online Upton advent calendar! Look out for a picture a day of beautiful pictures of Upton on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to brighten up your December days!